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Mythology Monday: In Which The Aesir Finally Get Sick Of Loki’s Shit

Now we shall dive back into Norse mythology, more specifically the time that Loki pissed off pretty much all of the gods.



Mythology Monday: The Fortification of Asgard


I like mythology and folklore. I think they’re extremely interesting. So, in that regard, I have decided to embark on a new project: Mythology Mondays. Basically, either every or every other Monday I will make a post about a story or mythological figure that I hope folks will find interesting, or at least entertaining.

(Note: I am fully aware that this is going on the blog proper on a Tuesday, but I’m putting it up on the Patreon on a Monday, so I’m counting it).

To that end, I have decided to start with one of my favorite Norse tales: “The Fortification Of Asgard,” or, as I like to call it, “That One Time Loki Fucked A Horse.”