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Katie Watches Stuff: Star Wars: The Force Awakens



I finally got to watch the new Star Wars movie on New Year’s Day. Long story short, I actually really liked it. While Star Wars doesn’t have quite the presence in my life that Star Trek does, I still enjoy the original trilogy quite a bit, and I like to play The Old Republic quite a bit.

I am going to put the rest of this under the cut as there may be some mild spoilers.


Katie Reads Stuff: Welcome To Night Vale (Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor)

wtnv novel

I should probably mention that I am a huge fan of  Welcome To Night Vale. The bi-monthly podcast written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor has a wonderful blend of humor, horror, and just plain weird shit that appeals, not just to me, but to thousands of other people as well. So, of course, when they released a novel based on the podcast, I immediately went to the Kindle store and downloaded myself a copy.

So, does the book live up to the podcast? The short answer is, yes. Yes it does. For the long answer, please read the below.