Channel Awesome Has A Problem-And It’s Channel Awesome


Those of you who follow these sorts of things may have noticed some things floating around on Twitter regarding Channel Awesome. Many may not. Either way, holy shit are you guys in for a fucking ride.

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Footage From Cancelled Silent Hill Game Emerges

So, some footage from a scrapped Silent Hill game for the PS3 from 2006 has emerged. Entitled Silent Hill: Broken Covenant, the game would’ve been an exclusive for the console developed by Climax. Climax also developed the fairly well-received Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the somewhat less well-received Silent Hill: Origins.

Apparently the game would have followed a priest named Hector Santos who’s called to a town in Arizona by his niece Anna. Apparently, said town is in the process of being taken over by the same evil infecting Silent Hill after that town’s resident cult decides to set up shop there. Apparently, after it didn’t get picked up, some changes were made (apparently Anna was set up to be the next Alessa, for some reason), only to be rejected again.

A lot of the assets in the video are obvious placeholders (the player character is actually Travis from Origins and the song “Maternal Heart” from Silent HIll 3 is used in some places). That doesn’t bother me too much Also, according to the commentary in the video, Pyramid Head and nurses (both of which appeared in way too many other games).

All in all, I’m not terribly impressed by this. From what we know of the plot, it sounds a lot like the first game (and that story’s been pounded into the dirt). I’m also disappointed by the return of Pyramid Head and the cult in general, as I feel they’ve been overused in the Western Silent Hill games and comics. The game taking place in a desert seems interesting, although it makes me think more of Welcome To Night Vale than Silent Hill. I wonder if the members of Silent Hill’s cult wear soft meat crowns?

Of course, as with Silent Hills, we’ll never really get to know how good it would’ve been.

Again? Seriously, Again?

Well, another female celebrity has been chased off of social media by harassing troglodytes. This time, the star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley was forced to shut down her Instagram account. Her horrible crime? She had that audacity, the absolute nerve, to make a post decrying gun violence.

According to the above link, the post (which can still be found on her Facebook page) reads thusly:

Thinking about how lucky I am like……… Serious bit: as I sat in the audience yesterday tears were streaming down my face at the tribute to those that have been lost to gun violence. I didn’t get a great picture of the incredible group that came on stage but they were so brave. It was a true moment of togetherness. We must ‪#‎stoptheviolence‬

So, apparently because she had an emotional reaction to a tribute at an event she was attending (the Teen Choice Awards) and decided to post a call for peace, that’s apparently too fucking political.

The comments on her Instagram are no longer there, naturally because her Instagram is no longer there. However, her Facebook is still there, and still getting comments. I think this one is probably my favorite:


This guy, this fucking guy, is apparently so divorced from reality that he somehow thinks that Ridley using a fake laser gun in a goddamn movie suddenly invalidates what she’s saying above.

Oh, but it gets even better. Apparently, some people have taken to harassing her co-star and friend John Boyega, trying to get her to come back. Boyega, naturally, gave a very classy response supporting her decision:

boyega defense

It’s just, I really would like to be able to stop talking about this. I really would. But it just keeps fucking happening. It happens every day to people who aren’t celebrities (who, by the way, are people too). And people just brush it off, saying it’s just the Internet and we should stop talking about this. Except, that’s bullshit, because unless we talk about harassment and shame the fuck out of the people who do the harassing, this is just going to keep happening. And will most likely get worse.

I close with a thought I had when something similar happened to Leslie Jones on Twitter (except without the delightful added element of racism, this time): The Internet is part of real life. The people that are behind the screen are real people, with real feelings, and who experience real hurt when people pull this shit.

Gamer Asshole May Go To Prison Over Threats


You know, with all the recent news that’s been coming out about bullshit like harassment and threats, I’m starting to think that maybe the Internet was a mistake.

What I’m talking about this time is the fact that some douche in Sacramento named Stephen Cebula apparently thought that it was a good idea to send a very threatening message to Blizzard saying he was going to shoot up the place with an AK-47.

What prompted his sending the popular game publisher these threats? The fact that they silenced him (basically rescinded his ability to use chat functions) in Heroes of the Storm.

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Really, Internet? Can we just go one month, hell, one week without threatening someone with bodily harm?

In case you haven’t heard, apparently some people are upset that the upcoming game No Man’s Sky has been delayed. So, how did some people react to this news? By tweeting death threats to the game’s creator, Sean Murray, as well as to Kotaku writer Jason Schreier. The latter is especially baffling to me, since all Schreier did was report the delay (since it’s his job and all).



I really don’t understand this mentality. Video games (like a lot of other forms of media) get delayed all the time. And this delay (which is about seven weeks) isn’t even that long. I mean, I understand that it’s disappointing to those who have been looking forward to the game, but I just don’t get the anger. A developer feeling that they need some more time to work on the game, I think, should be considered a good thing. It means that they care enough about the game they’re making to make sure that it’s polished before releasing it to the public.

Sadly, this seems to be the new modus operandi for a certain segment of video game fans. A game you want is delayed? Death threats! A website gives a game a score lower/higher than you think it deserves? Death threats! Someone makes a web series critiquing games through a feminist lens? Death and rape threats!

Seriously, just don’t. Don’t do this. Not just because it makes gamers look bad, but simply because it’s an inherently shitty thing to do. If the news makes you that angry, then just step away from the computer, and do something else for a while.

I recommend knitting.

To My Utter Bemusement, They’re Making A Tetris Movie


So, there is a lie in the title. They’re not planning to make a Tetris movie.

They want to make three of them.

Since I’m aware that simply writing the word “why” over and over again does not a compelling blog post make, I shall actually try to use other words to describe my feelings on the matter.

Ok, I’m just going to ask “why” one more time. Why? Why do they want to make movies based on Tetris? More importantly, how are they going to make movies based on Tetris? It’s a puzzle game. The point is to stack blocks so they make lines across the bottom of the screen. Then the lines disappear. That’s it. That’s as close as the game comes to having a plot.

According to the link above, this is coming through a partnership between producer Larry Kasanoff (who worked on the so-bad-it’s-good Mortal Kombat movie) and a Chinese company called Seven Start Works. According to an article on, the movie is going to take place in China with a primarily Chinese cast. So it’s got that going for it, I guess.

Again, the game has no plot. There is literally no story here besides a bunch of falling blocks. I just don’t see this working.

Unless it looks like this:

That would be fucking amazing.