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Katie Reads Stuff: Welcome To Night Vale (Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor)

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I should probably mention that I am a huge fan of  Welcome To Night Vale. The bi-monthly podcast written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor has a wonderful blend of humor, horror, and just plain weird shit that appeals, not just to me, but to thousands of other people as well. So, of course, when they released a novel based on the podcast, I immediately went to the Kindle store and downloaded myself a copy.

So, does the book live up to the podcast? The short answer is, yes. Yes it does. For the long answer, please read the below.

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I Just Read The Hyperbole And A Half Book


I’m pretty sure most of you are pretty familiar with Allie Brosh’s blog of the same title. If you aren’t, go ahead and click the link and read it, as it is fucking hilarious and everybody should read it.

So, I got the book for Christmas this year from my lovely older sister and figured I’d tell everybody what I thought of it. In short, I loved it.

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