Month: August 2020

Mythology Monday: Theseus Kills The Minotaur, Fucks Over A Woman, And Gets His Dad Killed


So, in the past I’ve talked about how the Minotaur came to be, as well as Theseus’s part in the dumbest plan to find a wife ever conceived. Today, I’m going to bring those two together and tell you about how Theseus killed the Minotaur.


Short Story Saturday: “Schrodinger’s Cat”


Hello again! Today, I’ve decided to look at another story by Ursula K Le Guin: “Schrodinger’s Cat.” The story was orignally published in 1974, and was republished in a 1992 anthology called Cats In Space And Other Places. I love cats, and I love space, so why not?

Though I should note that space doesnt really figure into this tale. Also, it’s kind of a weird, stream-of-consciousness thing, so there’s that.

Anyway, let’s go!