In Which I Shamelessly Beg For Money

So, fun fact: on Monday, I got a call from my supervisor stating that I was going to be on furlough until the end of the month. Then I got called into a Skype meeting today saying that a bunch of us are now on furlough indefinitely.

Basically, this means that as of today, I’m basically laid off for the foreseeable future. This is because a bunch of my company’s clients have all but shut down, so there just isn’t any work available.

I did apply for unemployment, but that might take a while to get through and there is a possibility that my application could be rejected. So, this blog, which was previously just a side hustle, is now basically my main hustle.

To that end, I am now pushing my Patreon and Ko-Fi sites a bit more vigorously. If you are able to donate, please click the links below, as it would go a long way to help me out.




In the meantime, I offer you a Wesley in these trying times.


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