Mythology Monday: Odin Gives Up An Eyeball For Smarts


I haven’t done any Norse myths for a while, so I figured I’d dip back in to that well for this week.

Get it? Because this story is about a well? Anyway, on with the post.

So, to start off with, we have Odin. Now, one of Odin’s main defining features is his complete and utter horniness for knowledge. I am not kidding: one time, he hung himself from Yggdrasil, stabbed himself with his own spear, and fasted for a week and a half because he wanted to know about runes. That is how horny for knowledge this guy is.

There’s also this giant named Mimir, who was the keeper of a well at the base of Yggdrasil called Mimisbrunnr, which may or may not be the same as the Well of Urd. I’m just going to call it Mimir’s Well, both to try and keep things simple.

Anyway, Odin decides one day that he should pay Mimir and his well a little visit, because as stated before one of his main motivations is to be the smartest motherfucker alive. So he heads to Yggdrasil and is like, “Hey, Mimir, let me have some of your Smart Water.”

At first Mimir’s like, “Um, no,” but relents slightly when Odin just asks him to be cool. And I do mean slightly: he tells Odin he’ll let him have a drink if Odin gives up one of his eyeballs.

Odin, who honestly has gone through a lot worse, is like, “OK,” then rips out one of his eyeballs and throws it into the well. Mimir’s like, “OK, I wasn’t really expectingg you to do that, but a promise is a promise.”

So Mimir dips a horn into the well and hands it to Odin, who drinks it down.

Now that, my friends, is some dedication to a bit.

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