Month: November 2019

Star Trek TOS Recaps: “The Conscience Of The King”

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This episode contains Shakespeare references, and not just in the title, either. Which I actually quite enjoy, because Shakespeare is my fucking jam.


Mythology Monday: Medusa Gets Royally Shafted And Then Dies

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(Content warning; this post contains discussion of sexual assault.)

So, Medusa. Most people know the basics of her story: lady with snakes for hair, turned men to stone with a glance. Which, you know, goals.

What’s interesting about Medusa is that her origin is different depending on which version you hear. In the original, Medusa and her sisters Stheno and Euryale were always monsters: specifically, gorgons.

The Roman poet Ovid, however, changed things up a little bit. So, because that version is more interesting to me (if also kinda infuriating), that’s the one I’m going to be talking about today.


Mythology Monday: The Iroquois Creation Myth

So, there’s this tendency that certain Americans have towards treating the indigenous peoples of North America as a kind of monoculture. This is, of course, not true: there were over 570 indigenous nations in the continental United States alone. At least, this was until white people came and kind of fucked everything up, as we are wont to do.
Which leads me into this Mythology Monday topic: the Iroquois creation myth.

Now, the Iroquois actually weren’t a single nation, but rather a confederacy of 5 (eventually 6) different but similar nations. Felt like I should probably mention that. Anyway, on with the story.