Mythology Monday: Shirime

So, Japan has some fairly…interesting creatures in its folklore. This is certainly one of them. Today, we’re going to take a look at the shirime.

The picture that I used kind of gives away what this critter’s deal is, but its name kind of does that as well. “Shiri” is Japanese for butt, and “me” means eye. So, it’s basically called “ass-eye.”
It has an eyeball for an asshole, is what I’m saying. Other than that, they pretty much just look like regular people. But boy howdy, does it really like to show it’s strange bunghole to passing strangers. It’s probably the only mythical beast I’ve ever heard of whose entire MO is exposing itself.

To illustrate this, have a story:

One evening, a lone samurai is heading towards Kyoto when he hears someone call out to him. Kind of freaked out, he asks who’s there, then turns around to find a dude staring at him. To the samurai’s alarm, this other dude starts stripping, then bends over to show the samurai his ocular oddity.

The story doesn’t really say what the samurai’s response to this is. I can say, though, if it were me, I probably would have stared for a second, gone to the nearest bar, and started drinking to forget.

What’s interesting here is that the shirime doesn’t seem to be particularly malicious. It doesn’t really kill anyone, it just really, really wants people to see its asshole. It’s kind of like a cat in that regard.

So I’m actually kind of torn about this monster. On the one hand, the fact that it has an eye where its ring piece should be, combined with the fact that it seems mostly harmless, is actually objectively hilarious. On the other hand, if I saw something like that rushing at me ass-first, I would probably actually be pretty freaked out.

I just don’t know, man.

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