Mythology Monday: Local Woman Turned Into Spider, Film At 11


It’s that time of week again, and I’m once more dipping into the well of Greek mythology to tell you the story of Arachne. Hint: it’s where we get the word “arachnid” from. Though I guess the title of the post kind of gives it away, huh.

So we start of with our girl Arachne. Now, Arachne was super good at weaving. Like, just ridiculously talented. She’s so talented, in fact, that she’s going around saying that she’s better at weaving than Athena.

Now, Athena is best known for being a war goddess, as well as the goddess of wisdom. However, one of her lesser known spheres was crafts. Including weaving. As you can imagine, Arachne’s boasting does not go over well with Athena.

Here’s where the story diverges a little bit. In some versions of the story, Athena gets pissed off about Arachne and decides to challenge her to a contest. She’s all like, “Hey, heard you were talking shit. How about you prove you’re better than me?” And Arachne’s like, “OK, bitch, you’re on.”

In other versions of the story, Arachne is the one to challenge Athena, in her hubris. Which was the downfall of a lot of characters from Greek mythology. Excessive pride was something that a lot of their stories warned against.

At any rate, the outcome is the same regardless. Arachne, somehow, manages to win the contest against the goddess of the thing she’s good at. To absolutely no one’s surprise, this ends up pissing Athena off further, and she responds by turning her into a spider. Because, as I’m sure I’ve pointed out before, the Greek gods were petty as fuck.

And the moral of the story is: talk shit, get turned into a web-spinning invertebrate.

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