Update On The Whole Telltale Games Thing

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So, remember how Tellltale Games ended up whittling down their staff to a skeleton crew of 25 employees? Well, it looks like they’ve got that number down to 0 employees now, according to this article from Game Informer.

As of now, it doesn’t look like the higher-ups of the now apparently-defunct game developer have put out any kind of official statement as of this time. However, I can say that it’s a safe bet that these employees won’t be getting any kind of severance pay or reimbursement for overtime either.

And the whole situation still kind of fucking sucks. What makes it worse is the knowledge with how terribly TTG treated their employees before the closure, plus the fact that if any of these folks end up working with any other large developer, they’re going to run into the same issues they did with TTG.

Because the CEOs of these companies (and any company, really) simply do not care about their workers. And they will continue this pattern of behavior as long as it continues to make them money.

Like I said at the end of the last post, the tech industry needs to unionize. At this point, it’s probably about the only way that the workers in said industry will actually get what they deserve.


One thought on “Update On The Whole Telltale Games Thing

  1. I used to work in the tech industry and the hours and culture could, at times, be simply abysmal. I’d get home at 9 PM and have to go back to work for an emergency at Midnight. 70 hour weeks and working for weeks straight without a weekend were all too common. Deadlines were tight and inflexible, single mistakes could cost you your job, leading to a culture of perfectionism that led many of my coworkers down the road of depression and anxiety. People would be refused vacation or sick leave for months if a deadline was coming up. We were working our dream jobs, but we were often miserable. I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the price and am shopping for a new career. I hope someone does something about what the tech industry has become, because it’s a rough field of work these days.

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