The Pinnacle Of Fan Entitlement Has Arrived


I know that by writing this post, I’m probably giving these people the attention that they crave, but it’s just too god damn funny for me to let this pass without making a comment on it. So, there’s this Twitter account and website that I, along with some other people, have recently discovered. What is this account/website’s purpose, you may ask?

Apparently they want Disney and Lucasfilm to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Basically, said group is trying to raise over $220 million days to try and reach this lofty goal.

This is most likely going to fail, and fail hard:

1) Why would Disney even talk to these people?

Seriously, what makes them think Disney would even entertain meeting with them?

2) Disney and Lucasfilm have no financial incentive to remake this movie.

Even if they do end up meeting with Disney execs, they’d most likely be laughed right out of the office. The Last Jedi, while not as successful as its predecessor, still made well over $1 billion at the box office, and is continuing to make quite a bit of money through DVD/Blu-Ray and digital sales.  Why would Disney want to go through the time, effort, and money to completely redo something that’s already making them a fuckton of money? To them, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3) Disney, as a corporation, is both extremely powerful and extremely protective of their intellectual property.

So, if the meeting falls through, they could just make their own fan film, right? Yeah, no. Now, I think that American copyright law is kind of fucked up, and that a big portion of that is actually due to Disney itself. But it’s simply a fact that if they do try to make the film on their own, Disney would smack it down. Also, while I am not a lawyer, I am pretty sure that something like this would not fall under fair use.

4) Their Twitter account, as well as the website itself, are not very transparent.

Looking through their website and social media, I have not been able to find any information whatsoever about who is running the site, or even where the money itself is going to. As the below tweet points out, there isn’t even any indication that they have a script at this point:


This might not be intentionally fraudulent. But if we learned anything from, say, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign, transparency is a must for any crowdfunding endeavor.

Though that hasn’t stopped people from donating to the project. As of this writing, they appear to have raised over $140 million. I say “appear,” though, because the people running the site would be able to change it to read anything that they want. This just looks really, really shady to me.

This all, however, comes back to one issue: the sense of entitlement that some fans seem to have. We saw this with the Mass Effect 3 “ending controversy” as well: vocal groups of fans don’t like something that was done with the object of their fandom, so they start demanding that the creators do something to “fix” it. Now, in the case of Mass Effect 3, EA/Bioware did capitulate somewhat and added some DLC that expanded upon the ending. But, again, I really don’t see Disney and Lucasfilm caring about this too much.

And I am not saying that people aren’t allowed to dislike certain things, or even share those opinions with others. Different people have different tastes, and there isn’t really any art out there that will appeal to everyone. But the solution isn’t to demand that the parties making said art change it to appeal to you; it’s to simply say, “that wasn’t really for me” and just move on.

Of course, Twitter’s been having a field day with this as well. I found the below tweet particularly amusing:


And Rian Johnson doesn’t seem particularly fazed either:



So, yeah. That’s really about all I had about this. I just really hope it’s a lesson for fans about how not to act in the future.

One thought on “The Pinnacle Of Fan Entitlement Has Arrived

  1. I doubt that it’s real, and even if it is, this would never get made. They could take the time and money to create their own movies and universe inspired by Star Wars, just as George Lucas did when he created Star Wars based on the Flash Gordon serials in the 1940’s. But I doubt that would happen.

    As for fixing The Last Jedi, I think that, while the execution was flawed, most of Rian Johnson’s instincts were right. But the more I listened to what the fans wanted to see in a Star Wars film, the better Rian Johnson’s ideas seemed to me. But he still needed another 5 (or 10) drafts.

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