Gamer Asshole May Go To Prison Over Threats


You know, with all the recent news that’s been coming out about bullshit like harassment and threats, I’m starting to think that maybe the Internet was a mistake.

What I’m talking about this time is the fact that some douche in Sacramento named Stephen Cebula apparently thought that it was a good idea to send a very threatening message to Blizzard saying he was going to shoot up the place with an AK-47.

What prompted his sending the popular game publisher these threats? The fact that they silenced him (basically rescinded his ability to use chat functions) in Heroes of the Storm.

Of course, Blizzard had a very, very good reason for silencing him, since he’d spent most of his time in the game threatening and abusing other players. Even though I do believe that the kind of behavior that he displayed really should have resulted in a ban. Here’s a quote from the Polygon article on the subject:

The messages —which are of a graphic nature — included "I will bomb the new york twin towers [sic]," "Go back to cotton picking" and "You make me want to shoot up an elementary school;" Cebula also threatened to rape and kill the children of his opponents.

After Blizzard silenced him, he proceeded to send them a message stating, “"keep silencing me in Heroes of the Storm and I may or may not pay you a visit with an AK47 amongst some other ‘fun’ tools."

I just don’t get this fucking attitude. Why would you think it’s OK to threaten anyone over, well, anything really? The fact that all of this was over a video game just makes his reaction even more pathetic. I know that anonymity of the kind you have on the Internet can be rather tempting, but seriously, don’t pull this shit. It doesn’t make you look tough; it just makes you look like an asshole. Or a fucking terrorist, which is what this fuckstick would have been if he’d actually gone through with it.

The Polygon article does also cite that he may have a mental illness, but really, there are plenty of neurodivergent people who manage to go through their lives without threatening to murder someone, so that really isn’t any kind of excused. I have also heard some people comment that he was “just trolling,” and that he didn’t really intend to go through with it. The problem with that attitude is this: what if he wasn’t, and law enforcement did nothing? The US would have added yet another mass shooting to the growing number we’re currently plagued with.

Also, apparently you can get away with threatening one person or a minority group, but threaten a multimillion dollar corporation and you can go directly to jail. (Please realize that I’m all for Cebula being prosecuted for what he did, I just find it interesting that no one cared about his behavior until it was directed at Blizzard).

I’m starting to get really tired of hearing about this shit on the news.

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