Day: July 6, 2016

YouTuber Gives Undertale to the Pope

I am honestly so amused by this. So, a YouTuber named MatPat (who is one of the people behind the Game Theorists channel on YouTube) got the opportunity to go to Rome and (amongst others) talk to Pope Francis about the Internet and how it brings people together. Now, it’s tradition for people who go to see the Pope to bring a gift of some sort.

MatPat gave the Pope a Steam code for Toby Fox’s Undertale.

The above video detailing why is actually quite interesting. He talks about out-group homogeneity bias and how Undertale actively subverts it by giving the group designated “monsters” their own personalities and through its emphasis on non-violence. You can play the game as a standard RPG, where you basically kill every monster you meet, but that nets you the bad ending, whereas playing as a pacifist nets you the best ending in the game.

So, he gave it to the Pope largely because of this focus on solving problems without violence. This makes sense. I wonder if the Pope actually played it? I’m thinking probably not (MatPat himself says that it was mostly a symbolic gesture), but still it’s a pretty amusing image.

And all this makes me want to play Undertale now.