The Trailer Park-Ouija: Origin Of Evil

So, this is apparently something that’s happening. Then again, they made a movie based on Battleship, so basing a movie on a board game isn’t that odd. What’s funny is that this is apparently a sequel to Ouija, a 2014 movie that I didn’t even know existed until now.

Ouija: Origin Of Evil follows a family in 1967, the widowed mother of which is a con artist who decides to use an Ouija board to further her séance scam. And then her daughter ends up possessed. You know, as you do.

While there are actually some pretty creepy moments to the trailer, the premise is actually pretty silly if you know how Ouija boards actually work. See, the planchette doesn’t move because of spirits, but rather something known as the ideomotor effect. Basically, the people using the board are expecting some kind of answer from it, so they subconsciously move the planchette around to arrive at an answer. Plus there’s the fact that the trademark for Ouija is currently owned by Hasbro and I could go down to the local Wal-Mart and buy one if I so desired. That also makes it rather difficult for me to take it seriously. Still, horror movies (movies in general, really) do require some suspension of disbelief.

Ouija: Origin of Evil is also set to be rated PG-13, which, along with the fact that Michael Bay is one of the producers, doesn’t really fill me with confidence. Still, at least Bay’s not directing it (that would be Mike Flanagan, who also wrote the movie with Jeff Howard). It’s set for release on October 21, which makes me wonder: if you’re releasing a horror movie in October, why not go for a Halloween release?

Well, it might still be good. As I said before, the trailer does have some pretty disturbing moments.

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