Check Out This Awesome Live Action Version of P.T.

Were you as disappointed by the cancellation of Silent Hills as I was? Konami scrapping the Guillermo Del Toro/Hideo Kojima headed addition to its Silent Hill series made a lot of people angry. Let’s face it: there hasn’t been a good Silent Hill game in years, and Konami seems to be more interested in pachinko machines these days.

Well, a group of filmmakers on YouTube called Oddest of the Odd, have basically taken P.T. (the “playable teaser” for the game) and made a live action adaptation.

Basically, in the teaser demo, the player traverses a looping corridor that slowly begins to change as it progresses, becoming more and more creepy, and providing clues to solve various puzzles. The video above manages to give that same feeling, using the audio from the game but replacing the visuals. It’s extremely well edited, with the beginnings of loops coming across seamlessly.

One thing that is a cause for concern, however, is Konami. Konami has a history of content claiming YouTube videos that use even a few seconds of one their games, as well as basically trying to erase any evidence that P.T. ever existed, so I find it unlikely that they would let this stand.

Still, it is a very interesting video that was made by some very talented people, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a Silent Hill fan, or even just a horror fan.

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