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Katie Watches Stuff: 11.22.63, “The Truth” & “Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald”

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You may have noticed that I skipped last week’s episode of 11.22.63. Some real life things got in the way (happy real life things, for the most part), so I decided to do two episodes in one post. I do apologize for not getting this out sooner.

On the other hand, you get two posts for the price of one. Which I realize is actually quite literal for my Patreon subscribers.

We shall begin with episode 5, “The Truth.” As always, spoilers.

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I’m Gonna Need Popcorn For This


There has been some news filtering down into the world of video games recently. Apparently, indie game developers Digital Homicide are planning on suing game reviewer/YouTuber Jim Sterling for roughly $10 million, accusing him of “assault, libel, and slander.”

And all I really have to say is holy shit.

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Katie Hears Stuff: Alice Isn’t Dead, “Omelet”


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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much of a Welcome to Night Vale fan I am. It’s about the only podcast I listen to on a regular basis. I have purchased stickers, two t-shirts, and a tote bag from the official store. I wrote a highly favorable review of the novel. The current theme song is my ringtone.

So of course I had to listen to their new podcast, Alice Isn’t Dead. (Spoilers ahead.)

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