Katie Plays Stuff: We Know The Devil

We Know the Devil_160219_1554275

Publisher/Developer: Date Nighto

Writer: Aevee Bee

Art: Mia Schwartz

Music/Sound Design: Alec Lambert

We Know The Devil is a very interesting little game.

The game follows three teenagers (the tomboyish Jupiter, the acerbic Neptune, and shy Venus) who are in the last week of a very, very strange summer camp. One night, the three are sent to a dark cabin in the woods, to wait for, and hopefully defeat, the devil.

So, what makes the game interesting? The main thing is that it’s a visual novel, which isn’t a genre that’s seen very often outside of Japan (where it is very popular). Visual novels are kind of like electronic choose-your-own-adventure stories, involving static images with text describing the situation and providing dialog. The player has to make certain choices throughout the game in order to advance the story.

We Know the Devil_160219_1609148

We Know The Devil is no different in this regard. However, instead of choosing actions or dialog, the player chooses which characters will interact with each other in certain parts of the game, with one of the trio always being left out.

The game’s art style, as seen above, features hand drawn character models with photographs as backgrounds. The background images were actually taken with disposal cameras in the woods near the creators’ home, which lends it some verisimilitude. The soundtrack, described by the Steam page as “a chiling 80s horror synth soundtrack,” is also very thematically appropriate, comparable to Akira Yamaoka’s work on the Silent Hill games.

We Know the Devil_160223_1957513

Going back to the gameplay for a moment, remember how I said that one member of the trio is always going to be left out? Which character is left out the most effects the ending. This leads into its replay value: the main story itself is very short (about 40 minutes), but different choices will get you different endings. My personal favorite ending (and the one I found to be the creepiest) is the blue ending, which you obtain through excluding Neptune as much as possible.

We Know the Devil_160224_0927080

To tell the truth, visual novels aren’t games that I’ve really had a lot of experience with, so I wasn’t really sure how much I liked the game at the beginning. However, as I played through it more to try and gain different endings, the art style, characters, and dialog actually started to grow on me. I would probably recommend this game to people who are already fans of visual novels, or are fans of tongue-in-cheek supernatural horror.

The game is actually quite reasonably priced. Currently you can download it from Steam for $7.99, or directly from Date Nighto for $6.66 (I see what you did there). The soundtrack is currently available on Bandcamp for $4.

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