Why I Play Video Games


(Shoutout to Gerhard Jurgen for being my first patron! I know where you live.)

(Because we live in the same house.)

I have been doing some thinking recently about why I enjoy the things I enjoy, video games in particular. Unlike a lot of kids of my generation, I didn’t really grow up with them; I didn’t own a video game console until I was 18 (it was a PlayStation 2, which I purchased with my financial aid leftovers). We did have some games growing up, but they were mostly educational like The Oregon Trail (which was still pretty awesome) as well as floppy disk games from the local dollar store.

I think a major part of why video games appeal to me has to do with my general nerdiness. My family would often watch shows like Star Trek and my sisters and I would read a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels (Lord of the Rings was pretty big in my household). I also remember going to visit aunts and uncles who did have video game consoles in their homes and playing Super Nintendo with my cousins. My sister’s now ex-husband also had a PlayStation, and I used to play Final Fantasy VII and VIII when we would come to visit.

Another reason is that I enjoy stories, and like video games as a vehicle for story telling. My favorite game of all time is Silent Hill 2, not just because it’s scary (it’s actually the least scary of the series, in my opinion), but because the story it tells is intriguing and simply well told. I absolutely believe that video games are an art form, and really should be treated as such.

Also, they’re fun. There isn’t too much more that needs to be said.

So, what are your reasons for playing video games?

One thought on “Why I Play Video Games

  1. Hollah!

    Video games for me are mostly either a) another way to socialize with my friends, or b) akin to a choose your own adventure book. Nothing is quite the same as a good story that you can interact with and view (sometimes even change)
    Keep it up!

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