Day: November 10, 2015

People Are Losing Their Shit Over Starbucks Cups, And It’s Fucking Hilarious


Starbucks recently unveiled their holiday cups for this year. The design is quite simple; it’s basically just a plain red cup, as you can see in the picture above (the cup contained a salted caramel mocha, by the way, and it was delicious). This post isn’t really about the cup, however. It’s about a certain segment of the population’s reaction to the cup.

You see, apparently a plain red cup is a symptom of the “War on Christmas” that a certain subset of Christians likes to complain about. I find this to be pretty god damn funny, because (a) the war on Christmas isn’t, you know, real, and (b) because it’s a red disposal cup, and really not worth the amount of hatred people are putting into this. It’s not like Starbucks decided to make a red cup with no other decorations FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN.

What makes it even better is that people apparently aren’t even boycotting this, which is a rational response when a company does something you don’t like. Nope, a bunch of people have actually stated that they’re going to Starbucks MORE now, and giving their names as “Merry Christmas” to the baristas. You know, to trick the liberal heathens into wishing them a merry Christmas.

Now, for all of you whose knee-jerk reaction to this is to say “not all Christians!”, please know that I am fully aware of that fact. I know plenty of Christians who are wonderful (and most of all not ridiculous) people. I’m only mocking the ones who are complaining over the existence of this cup.

Of course, Poe’s Law is certainly a thing, so it’s entirely possible that the person who started this whole thing is trolling us all. Then again, people this ludicrous do actually exist, so it could still be true.

Still, thank you Internet, for giving me a good chuckle.