Day: October 27, 2015

The Pinnacle of Video Game Advertising

So, I own a Kindle Fire. The particular Kindle Fire that I own has advertisements that show up on the lock screen. It was cheaper than the other models on Amazon, and I’m mostly able to just ignore the ads that show up on it anyway, so it doesn’t really bug me that much.

However, there is one particular ad for the mobile game Game of War. Even though I don’t have a particular interest in smart phone games and pretty much zero interest in this one, it warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart every time that I see it. Now, this isn’t the ad that appears on my screen, but it gives you the idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Mariah Carey, Warrior Princess:


The ad that actually shows up is even better, as you actually get a full body shot of the very Xena-esque outfit she’s wearing. Here’s the actual TV spot, using her song “Hero,” that you can watch in its full one-minute glory.

I just have so many questions. Is someone blackmailing Mariah Carey? Does she owe money to the mob or something? Does she still even record music? I haven’t really heard anything about what she’s done since Glitter.

I don’t want to get too down on it, though. The ad was obviously meant to be tongue in cheek, and it does have some amusing moments. Not enough to actually make me want to buy the game, but still.


Hello, all! You may have noticed that the blog’s name has changed. Well, I’ve been doing some thinking, and realized that I was never really fond of Nuclear F Bombs as a name, but at the time it was the best that I could think of to name a blog. Therefore, Nuclear F Bombs is dead, long live Nuclear F Bombs. Welcome instead to…




I think it’s a better name, and one that certainly amuses me more than the previous title. Also, World of Warcraft-based puns give me life. I will have an actual post (one that I’ve been planning for quite some time) coming up soon.

Thank you, and good day.