The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

hobbit 2

All right, I know I said I was going to post this on Monday, but that didn’t happen, mainly because I wasn’t sure where to start. Not to mention the fact that I am far too easily distracted, and a chronic procrastinator.

Long story short, I actually liked this movie. A lot.

So, one of the major complaints that I have heard about this movie (as well as the first one) has to do with all the things that they’ve added to it in order to stretch it out into three films. Though I can see where they’re coming from and agree that three movies for a 300 page book is a little much, it really doesn’t bother me. For one thing, most of the things that they’ve added actually come from other things that Tolkien has written, like The Silmarillion.

Also, I tend to try to judge film adaptations on their own merits. I’m not really that much of a purist and realize that a lot of shit will change when switching from book to film. They are different media with different rules.

I still don’t really think that it was necessary to make three movies though.

One addition that seems to have a lot of people up in arms is that of a female elf name Tauriel. Now, this doesn’t really bother me that  much. Let’s face it; the original novel is kind of a sausage fest. The original book was written in 1937, so that’s not really very surprising there. The Lord of the Rings at least acknowledges that women exist.

no bro

(I will admit I mostly just brought up LOTR so I could post this meme.)

So, I’m basically all for adding more kick-ass ladies to things.

I also liked that we got a little subplot that focused on a character other than Bilbo, Thorin, or Gandalf . Those three characters are really the only ones that got a significant amount of development in the source material, so it was nice that we got to see some development for Kili. Also, he’s my favorite, so there’s that too.

I really should also talk about Smaug as well. For one thing, it looks like I’ve been pronouncing his name wrong for years. Apparently it should be pronounced “smowg” rather than “smog,” though the latter is the one that I’ve typically heard before this movie came out. Must be an American thing.

Oh, and he’s also fucking awesome.

Now, I’m not one of those people that goes all swoony over Benedict Cumberbatch. I think he’s a perfectly fine actor, but I’m not really all that attracted to him. I just think he’s kind of weird looking. But he fucking nailed Smaug. Also, I know how much people like to decry the overuse of CGI in movies like this, but here it actually works. I actually can’t even think of any other way they would have been able to pull it off. He’s also very expressive (to get that they apparently motion captured Mr. Cumberbatch’s face).

I feel that this movie was well worth the $10 I spent on the ticket, and am actually looking forward to the next one. I mostly just want to see how the handle the Battle of Five Armies.

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