Fuck Florida

No, seriously. I don’t think I could care less if Florida just floated free from the United States right now with all the fuckery that’s been going on down there.

Seriously? George Zimmerman’s been acquitted? Of course he has. He’s a white guy who shot an unarmed black kid, and nobody gives a shit about that.  Hell, I’m sure that there are some assholes out there who are lauding this guy as a fucking hero. And now he apparently fears for his life because of it. I’m sorry, but I feel more sympathy right now for the family of the kid that he murdered.

Meanwhile, a woman in Jacksonville, Marissa Alexander, is getting 20 years in prison for firing fucking warning shots into the ceiling of her home to prevent her dickface of a husband from beating the shit out of her and her baby. You know, the kind of shit that the Stand Your Ground laws were implemented for. Apparently they only apply if you’re a white dude.

And you know what? It’s not just Florida. The “justice” system in this country is inherently fucked up. In Ohio, the guy who exposed the Steubenville rapists is facing more jail time than the rapists themselves. I’m sorry, but I think that rape is really more of a heinous crime than hacking.

Hell, this is even going on in my home state of Minnesota. CeCe McDonald, a black transgender woman, has been in prison for over two years for trying to defend herself from an attack. What set off her attackers? Basically, her asking them to stop being dicks to her and her friends.

“Justice system” is a fucking misnomer.

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